Wandering in Wild Weather 

We are wrapping up our last few hours here in Iceland. The last few days have had some wild weather while we’ve wandered around Reykjavik, taking in a last few sights.

Yesterday we started our day by taking care of a few errands. D and my mom spent some time at the library while I got our bus tickets adjusted. It happened to be family hour at the library, and D got to join in for some songs (in Icelandic) and play a tambourine, which was pretty fun.

One of the play areas at the library.

Puzzles at the library. Really, we loved this library.

As we wandered through the main shopping area downtown, the weather was beautiful. It was sunny, if a little cold. We found a few small gifts, and ducked into a famous coffee shop, Mokka Kaffi, for a waffle with ham and whipped cream. It was delicious, and probably D’s favorite thing he ate this trip. 

Art on a building downtown Reykjavik. And see those sunny skies?

There are trolls outside of some shops. D was fascinated with them.

Delicious waffle at Mokka.

When we left the coffee shop, the weather had turned into a super snow storm. Large snowflakes quickly fell from the sky and covered our coats and hats. We did a little more shopping, but many stores were now crowded with people who were looking for a place to duck out of the storm. By the time we made it to our apartment several blocks away, the snow was lightly falling, and the weather felt very different again. 

Less than an hour after sunny skies, we had some thick snow!

We relaxed in the afternoon before we went out to dinner to Forettabarinn, a good restaurant we had been to earlier this week. They serve small and large appetizer plates (like tapas), and a few main courses. Our food was amazing- which is why we returned to this restaurant, when usually I only eat at any place one time (there’s so many places to try!). My mom had Arctic char (a fish) with barley and asparagus, an incredible braised lamb dish, and a ginger and rhubarb creme brule for dessert. I had a langoustine soup (a shrimp relative) and D enjoyed onion rings. It was a great final dinner in Iceland.

Braised lamb with roasted vegetables.

Langoustine Soup

Creme brule with ginger and rhubarb

I made one final attempt to see the northern lights last night, but I did not have any luck. We fly out in a few hours, and a pretty good wind storm is on its way into the area, so fingers crossed we make it back with few issues. It’s been quite the trip. I’ll continue to write about a few things once we get home- my favorite places, best places for toddler-aged kids in Iceland, my thoughts on traveling as a solo parent with a toddler, and about all the museums we went to in the country. Thanks for following along as we continue our journey!

One last view of the pond in Reykjavik.


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