Living like locals, at least a little

D and I are back in Reykjavik, and my mom, K, joined us this morning. We’ve spent the past two days doing things around the city. D and I had a low key day yesterday, and acted more like locals than tourists. We had a fabulous breakfast at Cafe Haiti near the harbor and we returned to our favorite place, the Reykjavik library, for more books and games. We also went swimming at Vesturb√¶jarlaug, the local pool near our AirBnB, which is also the pool we went to last time we were in Reykjavik.

The library has a wonderful assortment of puzzles, games, and books in many languages.

This morning after my mom arrived, we ate breakfast at the Laundromat Cafe, which was very good and very busy. We also checked out the zoo in Reykjavik today. It’s a very small zoo, and probably not like any zoo you’ve ever seen. It only has animals you’d find in Iceland. It had arctic foxes, sheep, ducks and geese, reindeer, Icelandic horses (so adorable!), and seals. The seals were definitely the stars of the zoo. It was a nice way to spend a little bit of time with toddler, and definitely is unique compared to many other zoos I’ve been too. 


Arctic Fox

D loved the Icelandic horses.


We then walked to Laugardalslaug, another swimming pool in Reykjavik. This pool is great for a little bit older kids- it had a few different sized water slides. D loved the plastic watering can he found though, and was perfectly happy watering different parts of the pool. We also took care of errands like getting some groceries and getting my mom’s Reykjavik city card. Speaking of the city card- I highly recommend it if you visit Reykjavik. It covers your bus fare, entrance to pools, and entrance to quite a few museums. It can also get you discounts for other places. You can buy them for 24, 48, or 72 hours, which is also great.

We ate a delicious dinner of fish and chips at Reykjavik Fish House, right off the harbor, and enjoyed some homemade ice cream and the most delicious cookie for dessert.

It had chocolate mousse and a dark chocolate coating. Delicious cookie.

Tonight I’m heading out in a bit to check out Iceland’s only gay bar- Kiki Queer Bar. I’ve heard it’s the place to dance I. Iceland, so we will see how it lives up to that reputation. The next few days are about taking in the sights here in the city, before we spend a few days doing the tourist sights outside of the city later this week. 

Super queer artwork in downtown Reykjavik.


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