Remembering Why

Travel is amazing. It is life changing and so good for my soul. I firmly believe I’m doing an important thing for my son and exposing him to different people and cultures. We’re experiencing adventure. But sometimes, travel is also just really hard.

The past two days have been harder ones this trip- not much is open in Akureyri since it is winter, so we went to the swimming pool in town again. It was a rainy and cold day, and D was excited to play in the warm water, only to find the wonderful kids area of the pool was closed for repairs. He handled it well, and we still swam for a bit, but we didn’t stay very long. We had a long night, where D had a very hard time falling asleep, and woke up to leave our apartment in Akureyri. 

We did get to feed the ducks that live in the small pond by the pool.

This morning we walked to the harbor with our stuff for a whale watching tour. We got all dressed and ready, and D was excited about the boat. For about 20 minutes. Then the excitement wore off, and he got a little restless, but I kept him entertained, hoping to see whales eventually. Well, the whales were not cooperative. The boat captain did everything he could to try to find some whales, so we went out into some pretty rough water with our relatively small boat. D then got to experience sea-sickness for the first time, and threw up several times. Some with a warning, some with no warning. Eventually the boat turned around, and D started to feel better and was fully recovered not long after our boat trip.

Anticipation was high before our whale boat trip.

Mood, pre-seasickness.

Iceland flag off the back of our ship.

We did get to see a few harbor porpoises.

The scenery sure was beautiful.

But there were some hard moments the past few days. I have been feeling homesick and lonely. Traveling as an adult by myself with my toddler is tough. I knew it would be hard and my patience would be tested to its limits, but I forgot the loneliness of being a solo adult with a child. As D was sick, I wondered if I had made a horrible decision to travel with him by myself for so long. I wondered if I had any idea what I was doing. I almost cried (ok, there may have been some teariness). 

But then I remembered why I planned this trip. And it’s because of the things I listed in the opening of this post. Travel is important. It always changes my world view, and challenges me to problem solve and think in new ways. I have great stories to tell after I’ve traveled- about places and people and adventures. And I want to continue that, for myself and for my son. 

So it might be hard. And lonely. But I can do this. We ended the night at Ugly Pizza in Reykjavik, and had an ugly (handmade in a woodfired oven, put together quickly) pepperoni pizza, and some handmade mini donuts with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Of course we ate the donuts first, and we danced in our seats to terrible American pop music. It was a perfect way to end the day.

Ugly Pizza in Reykjavik.

Handmade donuts. Yeah.


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