The wonders of a land built by volcanoes

Beauty in the natural world never fails to take my breath away. Last night, I couldn’t sleep, and decided to go check outside for the northern lights one last time before I went to bed. I was rewarded with a very faint view of the aurora borealis, and it was incredible. I hope to see it again another night (and more brightly) so I can attempt to get a picture. Today we spent 8 hours on a day tour of northern Iceland, seeing all the beautiful features in the area. 

After a minor meltdown that our bus was not a bus, and was in fact a van, D finally decided he could live with that and go on the tour. We got to see lovely views of Akureyri, the town where we are staying, from up on the surrounding mountains and from across the fjord. We made several stops throughout the morning and saw the sun rise over the mountains, rock formations from volcanic eruptions, hot springs and mud pots (that reminded me of Yellowstone), the continental divide, and climbed into a cave. 

Here comes the sun.

Godafoss waterfall

Admiring the falls (pre-rock throwing).

View from a cave.

A vent of hot steam. Smells like sulfur.

Bubbling mud pots.

D enjoyed the beautiful landscapes by throwing rocks into pools or off cliffs everywhere we stopped, so he was happy too. We also got to spend the afternoon swimming at the Myvatn hot pools. Yes, again outside, although today was a hit colder since we were higher in altitude, and the wind was blowing, so it was still a bit chilly, even in the warm water. 

The incredible baths/pools.

Also: D tripped while running on rocks more times than I can count, and was thankfully fine every time, but, managed to walk into a sharp counter at the baths when we were getting a snack and split the inside of his top lip. Thank goodness for water and napkins and ice cream. (He’s made a full recovery). 

We ended our day with good food (burger for me and hot dogs shaped liked octopi for D) and some ice cream at the shop behind our AirBnB. It was a great day. Tomorrow we will relax a bit, which means we will only do 2-3 main things. That is how relaxing looks for me. Adventure!

Burger. Yum. (Mushrooms, bacon, Bernaise sauce, tomato)

And this cow was in the restaurant, and I liked its sweater.


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