Living the Toddler Dream

D passed out hard by 7:15pm tonight, so that should be an indication of our day. 

We walked a ton, and explored downtown Reykjavik and the Old Harbor area. We checked out the Volcano House, a free place where you can see and most importantly, touch, a variety of volcanic rocks and ash. D was intrigued by all the rocks and asked “what’s that?” to each and every one of them, making the woman behind the desk smile widely at his interest. He also knocked a large piece of pumice off a shelf, and then she quit smiling, so there’s that.

Beautiful Jasper

This future geologist wanted to see every rock under the magnifying glass.

We walked around the Old Harbor area and went to the Whales of Iceland museum. There were life-sized replicas of man whales and dolphins suspended from the ceiling, and the blue walls and lights made it feel like you were under water. They had free coffee in the little cafe area, and we splurged on a piece of chocolate cake with a shark gimmi on top. And then, before I could get a picture, D devoured the shark in two bites. He also ate two bites of the cake. Money well spent for sure. He loved wandering around describing the whales, and he liked the audio recordings of the different whale  sounds.

Sperm whales are big. And “have lots of teeth” according to D.

Fascinated by the whale’s tale.

The best part of the day was our time at the Reykjavik City Library. D played for almost two hours in the children’s section. He played with board games, we read books (they thankfully had a small section of English books. No fire truck books, but 3 different books on having gay parents/family, so yay Iceland!), and D spent a lot of time in the different play areas. He looked at board books on his own and played with other kids. It was pretty entertaining to watch him interact with the kids and trying to talk them, even though they didn’t understand English. He tried Spanish at one point, then gave up on that too. The library was very nice, and a great space for younger kids, especially on a rainy day.

One of the kids play areas at the library. D had a blast here.

We ate dinner at Hamborgarabulla Tomasar, or Hamburger Joint, a small but well-known burger place in the area. It was pretty good, especially after all our walking and playing. We made it back t the house, and D fell asleep mid-episode of a show on Netflix, and I admired how adorable he was and how well I am doing with this traveling and parenting thing until about 9pm, when he woke up screaming for pizza. Toddlers are fun. 

View from the harbor.


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