Let’s go for a swim!

I know what you might be thinking. Swimming? In Iceland? In February? The answer is yes! But we will get to that in just a moment. 

Skyr is Icelandic yogurt. Very healthy and delicious!

D and I actually managed to sleep in today, and it was great. We tried Skyr at breakfast, an Icelandic yogurt. It reminded me a lot of Greek yogurt, and D was all about it. After we fueled up, we walked to the National Museum of Iceland, and spent quite a bit of time looking at the exhibits. While a little dry for kids, the displays were beautiful, they had free strollers to use, and a fun kids area where you could play with wood carved animal scenes and try on historical clothing. The cafe at the museum was also nice, and we shared a salmon and egg sandwich for lunch. 

Salmon and egg sandwich, with an Icelandic soda for lunch.

There’s a Viking on my shoulders!

Wood plank carved with runes, National Museum of Iceland.

Free stroller AND a free map?! Toddler heaven.

We then walked to a local pool, and got ready to swim. Swimming is a huge part of Icelandic culture, and there are a lot of pools in the Reykjavik area. Most pools are completely outdoors, and are open year round. The pools are heated with geothermal power, which is common on the island. There were a variety of small pools, or tubs at this place. You could see the posted temperature for the various pools, and relax in the heated water. D particularly loved a very shallow pool that was warm and meant for laying just under the water on your stomach or back. He also enjoyed “the bubbles” or the large jets that were installed in the walls of some of the tubs. I really liked that it was easy to rent a towel and they had free water wings for kids, which was perfect for D. They also had free lockers with keys, and the place was very secure. We spent over 2 hours swimming in 40 degree weather, with cold rain/sleet at times, and it was great. In fact, we plan to check out a different pool tomorrow. (And sorry, no pics from the pool, I wasn’t risking taking my phone near the water.) 

The beautiful lake by AirBnB and near downtown Reykjavik.


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