Starting off with a b…arf

Well, the beginning of our trip has had its share of excitement. It started with D sleeping very little the night before the trip and throwing up a few times from coughing too hard. He threw up again at lunch the day we were leaving, a bad omen for sure. It continued with his jacket zipper breaking as we were loading into the car to go to the airport, necessitating an emergency Walmart stop to get a new coat. On the plane, the woman sitting next to us and the woman sitting behind us ended up swearing at each other profusely over a minor issue. D slept very little on the plane, and I got in a cat nap. 

The good news is, once we made it to Iceland, things have slowly gotten better. Although D refused to sleep this morning, he napped well this afternoon after we went out in downtown Reykjavik a bit. We walked to a pharmacy and grocery store, and along the way found a beautiful sight of the harbor, with large, snow covered hills behind it. The houses are colorful, and because we are staying in the central downtown area in our AirBnB, everything is pretty walkable. Our hosts are very nice, and they have a beautiful Icelandic sheep dog who I may want to take home. 

View of the harbor in Reykjavik

Katur, an Icelandic sheepdog and D (Katur means happy)

D and I walked to a fun little restaurant, Cafe Babalu, to eat a yummy dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. But of course we started dinner with chocolate cake and a coke, because 1) it’s our vacation and 2) D had hardly eaten anything in two days, so I didn’t care what he ate, as long as he ate something for dinner. 

Chocolate cake is an appetizer in Iceland, right?

There are gnomes/trolls all over the place in Reykjavik so far. Including these ones watching us eat.

We then wandered a little more of the area, and saw Hallgrimskirkja, a famous church in the downtown area. I’m feeling more settled, and am no longer questioning my sanity since I decided to travel to Iceland by myself with a three-year-old (but give it a few hours, I’m sure I’ll be questioning my sanity again soon enough). One day down, two weeks to go. I’m looking forward to really getting to know Reykjavik and Iceland on this trip and being able to savor our time. Here’s to the start of another adventure!

Hallgrimskirkja, a famous church in downtown Reykjavik


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