Guess who’s back

So, it’s been awhile since anything was posted on the blog. Almost a year in fact. In that last year, there have been a lot of changes with the Meandering Madcaps. In June 2016, I wrote a piece for The Art of Survival, an awesome website that shares stories based on different themes for each month. My post was about how I came out as a lesbian. Z and I are no longer together. It has been a year of change and growth, and if you want to read that post, it is linked here: What took me so long

So, I’m finally back to blogging. D (who is now three years old!) and I will continue our travel adventures as much as possible. In fact, this Wednesday, we leave for Iceland for a 2.5 week trip. By ourselves. My mom will be joining for the tail end of the trip for a few days, but for more than a week and a half, D and I will be on our own. We will be spending the majority of our time in Reykjavik, and a few days in northern Iceland in Akureyi. I will be posting stories and pictures every few days throughout our trip, and I hope you come follow along on the adventure.


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