New Orleans Part 3: Taking the Path Less Traveled

The final piece to the mini-series on New Orleans travel is moving away from Mardi Gras and free tourist attractions, to activities and places that are somewhat less frequented by the many tourists who visit Nola each year. So if you’re looking for something or somewhere a little quieter, consider checking out these places.

Villalobos Rescue Center: I am not a huge tv person, and I definitely don’t watch much reality tv. So I had not ever watched the reality show ‘Pitbulls & Parolees’ until I was on my way to New Orleans, at my friend’s demand. It was her one request for the trip; that we visit the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, where the reality tv show ‘Pitbulls & Parolees’ is filmed. We visited the center twice, we enjoyed it so much. They offer tours of the facility and you can wander around and see the different dogs they currently have at the rescue. The best part though is that you can volunteer to walk the dogs. You can check their website (linked above) for details about the times for tours and doing the walks. I can honestly say it was the most unexpectedly rewarding and entertaining part of the trip. The dogs were adorable, and the workers at the rescue were great. A great place to visit.


Outside Villalobos. And yes, we went on Mardi Gras, hence the sunglasses.


So cute! And she definitely enjoyed the walk.

Open Air Night Market off of Frenchman Street: This is very close to the beaten path, as Frenchman street is at the far end of the French Quarter, and is often celebrated for its many jazz clubs in the Marigny neighborhood. Among the many clubs and bars, there is a little open air night artist market, where artists set up spaces to show off their varied talents. There are incredible paintings, handmade jewelry, soaps and lotions, ceramics, and a great leather worker who I bought my new wallet from. It’s a beautiful space under the open air, with lights strung above the walkways. Take a stroll, and bring some money to spend, because it’s hard to leave without something catching your eye.


Open Air Night Market in Frenchman Street

 St. Roche Market: The St. Roche Market is in the Marigny neighborhood, and offers different fair that the Frenchman street market. The St. Roche Market is all about food. It’s a large open building with different spaces dedicated to different chefs, flavors, and options for eating. There is fresh seafood, Mexican food, fresh vegetable dishes, Korean food, Creole dishes, and a bakery area. You can order food from as many of these areas as you’d like, and eat in a common space in the middle of the building. It was decorated beautifully for Mardi Gras when I visited, and I ate there to start and end my trip last time. Both meals were delicious (fresh ceviche and a shrimp po’boy). This is a great space to enjoy a good meal for those who have a group with varying food interests.


Amazing ceviche from the market.


Inside the market.


The St. Roche Market.


I have a few more places to see on my list when I return to New Orleans in a few weeks. Any recommendations for things I should do or see this time?



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