Travel Tattoos

Work has kept me quite busy this month, and I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I have been failing to follow to best writer’s advice- If you want to be a writer, then you need to write. As much as possible.

So I’m getting back on the horse again with a short post. Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging regularly from New Orleans next week (Mardi Gras!) and after I return, I’ll be blogging about some of our earlier travels.

For today’s topic: travel tattoos! (Alliteration is my favorite game.)

I have many tattoos. Most are either in tribute to someone, or reminders of what I value. My travel tattoo is the latter. Clearly, travel is incredibly important to me, and it has made a profound impact on my life. The places I have been and the people I have met have forever changed the way I see the world. So a few years ago, I had my tattoo artist find an image of an old map and a plain compass to get tattooed on my arm to make a half sleeve. The compass is the main focus of the tattoo. Compasses provide direction so that you can never be lost. You’ll always have a way to go. A map gives you ideas of places to go and explore. They both remind me of travel and adventure.

He tattooed the map around a bird I already had on my upper arm, and it turned out beautifully. I absolutely love the old map, and the compass is dark and commands attention. I’m quite proud of it.

blog 1

This weekend, Z got his first tattoo, and it is travel themed. He got a vegvisir, otherwise known as the viking compass, or a runic compass. It is also known as the Icelandic signpost. Here is what Z has to say in his own words about the tattoo:

“It is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find his/her way through rough weather. This tattoo has a lot of meaning to me. As a world traveler, this represents my love for travel. I also hope it will grant me good luck during my travels.”

blog 2

Travel is so important to both of our lives, that we have tattoos to honor and remind us of the value we place in travel. They serve as a visual reminder of guidance, adventure, and exploration. Wonderful things.

Do you have any tattoos related to travel? Have you ever gotten a tattoo while abroad?


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