Wandering Wisconsin: Green Bay

As we focus on traveling and exploring different areas around Wisconsin, we continue our posting about our recommendations for family fun. This time we are talking about Green Bay, Wisconsin!

The most prominent feature (and most well known) in Green is the Green Bay Packers football stadium, Lambeau Field. The Mecca for Packers fans, Lambeau is a quite visitor-friendly. There is a large Hall of Fame museum with many videos and information about the history of the Packers, Packers players, and you can even see their Superbowl trophies on display. You can also take a tour of Lambeau, and spend a few minutes out on the field after walking through the player’s tunnel, which is quite an experience. While not as friendly to the wallet as many other places we go, it is high on our list of priorities as Packers fans.

blog 3

Getting up close and personal with a Packer great, Reggie White.

blog 2

Mini-packer getting support from coach dad.

blog 1

We’re insane enough to do a tour when it’s -20 with wind chill at Lambeau. Go Pack go!

A wildlife sanctuary at the north end of Green Bay right off the lake, this wildlife sanctuary is free to visit and explore. They have three buildings with exhibits (some with animals, some informational, many interactive for kids), and have beautiful walking trails. Our favorite part was the wolf viewing area; we had never seen wolves so active or so close. We also were quite surprised by how active the mountain lion was, though truth be told, he was a bit terrifying as he leaped at the window to try to get at D who walked around the corner by himself. D must have looked tasty. We look forward to returning to this beautiful place, we highly recommend it for a visit.

Right near the wildlife sanctuary, the Bay Beach Amusement Park is a fun place to be outside with your family and it is relatively inexpensive. Visiting the park is free (and so is parking!), you just need to purchase 25 cent tickets to use for the different rides (most rides use 1 or 2 tickets). This amusement park does not have whiplash-inducing roller coasters, and is a great place for families with younger children. This park is only open May-September.

 We will continue our Wandering Wisconsin series as we travel around the state with ideas for fun and entertainment, especially for families.





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