If I had 1.5 billion dollars…

So the largest power ball lottery drawing is history happens later tonight. And like most of America, I do have a lottery ticket. While I do not believe that I will win, it’s always fun to dream. So here’s a fun little post on what I would do if I win the jackpot.

I would of course take care of family and pay off my grad school loans. Once I was secure in my finances, I would of course, travel! So where would the meandering madcaps travel to if money was no object?  Well…

We’ve wanted to make our way to the South Pacific area of the world for a while, but have always been put off by the cost of the flight to get there. So, we’ve ended going other places in the mean time. We’d finally be able to see all of the beautiful scenery and experience the unique culture of New Zealand as our first stop.

While we were out that way, we would likely visit a lot of the islands, including Fiji and Bali. Really, we would love to spend time island hopping for a while.

Then, we might as well get some fancy travel gear! There are several luggage pieces that can be tracked and monitored via technology, like this one from Trunkster, and they have several other awesome features like security, being able to charge a device, or being able to tell you how much your bag weighs. A lot fancier than our current Kelty Backpacker bags.

We’d also upgrade our camera, and Z wants a Surface Pro to take pictures, edit, and do some online journaling.

I’m sure we would find other things to spend our money on as well, both travel related and not.

If you win the lottery, what will you spend your money on?


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