Travel Planning for 2016

As we settle in to the new year, we are working on planning our travel for 2016. We are starting off with a smaller trip this weekend. We’re heading to a rural area outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin to stay in a rented farmhouse for the weekend. We will spend some time in Appleton and in Green Bay going to Lambeau field and the new Packers museum, the children’s museum, and doing some other fun local activities.

In February I’m heading to New Orleans for a work conference and am fortunate enough to be able to experience Mardi Gras as well. Ok, internally, I am super excited about this trip, almost giddy really, but I have to appear professional.

March will bring us a few trips close to home, with some time in the Wisconsin Dells, and maybe a trip to Eastern Minnesota. We’re trying to fit in a few low key trips near home while I work on my administrative license for my job this spring.

As I wrote in our last blog post, traveling in the off season can be a nice way to get away and save some money. Our main off season travel is, drumroll:

a potential trip to Iceland in April. We still are working on plans, mostly to figure out how long we can stretch the trip and if we will need to pack 20lbs of cold weather gear apiece. So we will see.

To plan trips, we look at a few things, including: where we want to go, when we have time to travel, cost and potential expenses. Then we balance the three. If something is really cheap, we may go somewhere we didn’t originally consider. If we have more time, we may alter our itinerary, or if we don’t have as much time, we may focus in on one area or place.

Making travel a priority has also meant that we are flexible. Easy to change our ideas, open to explore somewhere new, willing to look at all the options. So we may not always have strict plans, or even solid ideas, but it seems to have helped us find ways to travel, and we’ve always had good adventures.



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