Starting 2016 with a Theme

In December, I wrote about how I have chosen a theme for each year for the past few years (read about it here). So, in keeping with this tradition, my theme for 2016 is Listen More.

I am a pretty social person, and a story teller by nature. I like to joke that my love for stories comes from my Native American background. My father is an epic storyteller, and some of my favorite childhood memories are of listening to my dad tell stories about his travels around the world. I love to talk, tell my own stories and share my thoughts. I readily jump in and talk with people in all kinds of situations.

But this year, I want to challenge myself to Listen More. When talking with others. When alone. I want to withhold a little and see what others have to say. Listen to the silence between words. Listen to the stories others have to share. Listen to really hear, and I hope, really learn.

This will be a challenge for me, as it goes against my nature and desire to connect by sharing my own thoughts and words. So I hope I find ways to live my 2016 theme.

What’s your theme for 2016?

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