Being kids again: Finding fun in travel

Z and I just celebrated being together for 15 years. We are high school sweethearts, and started dating when we were pretty young.


Like seriously young.

So, to celebrate, we had a delicious barbeque dinner and went and played mini golf. Mini golf? Yup, mini golf. In Wisconsin, in December. Sounds a little crazy, and it was.But we have found that it is valuable, and more importantly, fun, to act like kids sometimes and be silly. Being an adult is stressful. Play and having fun is good for creativity and stress reduction. It’s also good for shared experiences and reconnecting. So we went and played mini-golf.


A view of the two outdoor courses at Vitense Golfland.

We had the entire outdoor courses to ourselves, and the indoor area almost to ourselves. The courses were themed (Wisconsin, California, and Madison) and had really fun ways to interact with the course with slides, play equipment, and electronics. We had a blast.


Pretend to drive a mini Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile? Yes, I will.

When we travel, we often look for and research the fun, or quirky things to do. Now that we have a child it’s easier to justify, but in all honesty, we have always gone to silly and odd places. Places where we play, laugh, wonder, and interact. Places where we get to act like kids.


Zac is riding a purple dinosaur like a jockey, and using his golf club like a jockey’s whip. Bonus points if you can see the golf ball.

Those are some of my favorite travel memories and some of my favorite memories in general. Seeing the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not-type museum in Cuzco, Peru, complete with a taxidermy two-headed goat and a deer animal with fangs. Wandering through 1880 Cowboy Town all by ourselves (blog post here). Playing in the Leprechaun Museum with our Irish friends in Dublin, Ireland. Or going on a date to an indoor/outdoor mini-golf course in Madison, Wisconsin. It feels good to “be a kid again.” For a few hours anyway. Now back to my Hulu and a nice adult beverage. Ahh.


Taxidermy deer creature with fangs.


Z sitting in a giant’s chair, having a giant spot of tea with a friend.


Z has also survived a Freddy Krueger attack.

So we recommend taking time to play. Go out and enjoy those quirky places. Be a kid for a little while. Have fun!


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