Family Travel Holiday Gift Guide

At this time of year, we have a lot to celebrate. D and Z both have birthdays soon, it’s the holidays, so Christmas is coming soon as well. We have several friends and family who also have winter birthday, so needless to say, we buy and make many gifts this time of year. As frequent travelers, here are some gift ideas for those travelers in your lives!

Car Seat Cover: If you live in or travel to a cold weather climate with an infant, a car seat cover is invaluable to keep the little one warm and cozy, but still safe in their car seat. We loved our JJ Cole car seat cover, which zipped partly closed, then was easy to flip open and closed to protect D from snow and wind.

Silicone bib: I don’t know if I can explain how much I love our silicone bibs. We have a few, and they have been incredibly valuable. Easy to clean, easy to pack, endlessly reusable and practically indestructible, silicone bibs like the one linked from Tommy Tippee make fabulous (and really useful!) gifts for those on the go or at home.


Tabletop placemat and a silicone bib came in handy for this messy meal.

Tabletop Placemat: Our Fisher Price travel placemat is no longer sold, but this one is close to ours. We have used our travel placemat, which sticks to a flat table with suction cups, countless times since D was about 9 months old. It stays in our diaper backpack, and is fast to clean. We also appreciate that it folds in half and snaps shut, which makes it convenient and easy to put away food if we don’t have access to a sink to rinse it off. An inexpensive item that can be used for a long time.

Bottle nipple: We saw this advertised towards the end of D’s bottle days and we debated buying one, but chose not to since D was able to drink through a straw and we were almost done with bottles. Anyway, this is a bottle nipple that you can screw on to a water bottle so a baby can drink directly from a bottle. It eliminates the need to carry multiple bottles, or if the baby is drinking formula, you can mix and shake the formula right into the water bottle, and voila, ready to go.

Ergo Baby Carrier: We have used our Ergo baby carrier pretty regularly for the last two years, from when D was a few weeks old with the infant insert, up to a few weeks ago on a hike. With the ability to carry in the front or back, the flap that can be buttoned over a child’s head to protect from rain, sun, or snow, and it’s relatively small size (I can fold it and fit it into the bottom third of a backpack), the Ergo is fantastic for traveling. If you know someone interested in baby-wearing, we highly recommend the Ergo.


Hiking with the Ergo in Yellowstone National Park.

Kidco Peapod: We have talked about our love of the Kidco Peapod in numerous blog posts. I would recommend asking a family about the Peapod first to make sure it is something they are interested in, but really it has been fantastic. We have friends who got one to use at the beach or weekend trips to grandmas. We used ours all over the world, and it is still in great shape and is so easy to fly with.

Diaper Backpack: Ok, I know most people love their diaper bags, and there are many many diaper bags to pick from, but we went with a diaper backpack, and have never regretted our choice. Since we knew Z was going to be a stay-at-home dad, we chose something that was more gender neutral, but we also wanted something utilitarian, and the Fisher Price Diaper Backpack meets those needs. There are a variety of helpful pockets (pacifier pocket, insulated drink pocket, accessible wipes pocket) and it’s easy to keep it organized, which is very helpful for us. A great backpack for families on the move.

Totseat: This fabric seat cover can fit almost any type of chair to create a high chair for babies or toddlers by going between the child’s legs, then wrapping around and buckling behind the chair. It folds small since it is just a piece of fabric, is washable, and adapts to different types of chairs. Very helpful when traveling to places that might not have high chairs, or for when staying in apartments or houses that don’t have baby gear.


The Totseat came in handy at this board game cafe in Naples, Italy.

Little Passports Delivery Box for Kids: Z and I have tried out different delivery boxes in the past (and currently enjoy a meal box, but that’s for another post), and we can’t wait until D is old enough to enjoy this delivery box. Little Passports is a monthly subscription service for kids ages 3-12 (there are three different age groups). Kids receive a box each month in the mail with information about a different country for older kids, or a world theme for the younger ones. While we haven’t tried this yet, it seems like a neat way to encourage interest and learning in different places around the world.

Scratch-off world map: Z and I saw an awesome scratch-off world map in the bedroom we rented through AirBnB in Orlando, Florida, and this is on our wish-list this year. With this map, you can “scratch-off” (by using a clean, white eraser) the countries you have been to. There is also a USA version, where you can mark off states you have been to. A fun edition to any traveler’s home. (There is also a travel-sized version if you know someone who wants a fun way to document their travels while they are traveling!)

Disclaimer: While we use affiliate links and may get a little money back from Amazon if you choose to purchase something through a link on our webpage, we are not paid, reimbursed, endorsed, sponsored, etc. by any of the companies listed in this blog post. These are our honest thoughts about all of these products, and anything we own was either purchased by us or purchased for us as a gift from family and friends.



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