That Beautiful Mountain Sunshine

With even warmer weather in the forecast for Sunday and Monday, we spent much of our remaining time in Denver outside. Before we left for our adventures on Sunday, we went to Lucile’s Creole Cafe, a favorite of ours in Denver. We had a fantastic breakfast of beignets, french toast, eggs, and a creole omelet. D had fun with the bead necklaces that the hostess gave him and he wore them proudly the rest of the weekend!


Coloring at breakfast.


Beignets! Delicious!


We then went to Roxborough State Park, southwest of Denver, and did a little bit of hiking. It was snowier on the trails than we expected though, and I had not brought along the right foot wear for slippery, snowy hiking, so we enjoyed a beautiful overlook and the visitor’s center before heading out.


Fountain formation at Roxborough State Park.


Playing in the snow, wearing our mardi gras beads.


And more coloring! This time at the visitor center.

We then met up with some friends at Garden of the Gods and enjoyed the abundant sunshine. We ate a picnic lunch outside and hiked around some of the main features of the area. It was a gorgeous day. We had burgers from Good Times, our favorite fast food chain in Colorado for dinner with a tasty candy cane shake.


Kissing camels at Garden of the Gods.


D walking with one of our friends’ children, exploring the site.


The formations are incredible at Garden of the Gods.

 On our drive back to Denver, Z and I decided to stop and look at a huge Christmas lights display that was off the highway. It cost $5.30 to get in (a bit of a weird price) and the guy in the booth warned us that people got stuck on the ice yesterday, so we should be careful. We drove for a minute or two, then came to an area where sure enough, the second car in front of us was stuck on the ice. It took several minutes for the car to get unstuck (with help from another car), and then we were nervous to go over the ice. Our rental car was a Ford Focus, and had a bit of difficulty  on the ice on Saturday. But, with a running start, we made it across the ice and enjoyed our drive through the lights. It was a nice little detour.


They had elk, bison, and deer light figures.


A red and white badger tree!

 Monday we went to the Denver Children’s Museum. It had a grand reopening on Friday, November 20th, so it was very busy, even for a Monday morning. D had a blast at the museum. They had a variety of exhibits and play areas for kids of all ages. The water area, bubble zone, and kinetics exhibits (tons of plastic balls and tubes) were D’s favorites. He also enjoyed the firetruck area, and we had fun dressing him up in the backyard area. They also have a huge outdoor play area with multiple zones and themes. The four foot high sand hill and the wood slat building area were a hit with D. We wished we lived closer, as it was a great museum for kids, and we would love to go more often.


We watched plastic balls get sucked down a water tornado for quite a while.


Cooking in a kid-sized kitchen.


D dressed up as a squirrel. We were way more amused than he was.


Painting a bison calf.


Playing in the giant sand pit.

We met up for lunch with a great friend of mine (and fellow blogger!) who had just flown in to Denver, and we were lucky to be able to cross paths before we flew home. All in all, we had a great (last minute) trip to Denver, and we hope to do more last minute traveling in the future!



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