Top Three Toddler Travel Items

Our toddler has traveled quite a bit in his less than two years of life. We plan to do a lot more travel So what are the travel items we can’t leave home without? Here are our top three travel items for a toddler:

3) Totseat Travel High Chair:  We bought the totseat to use on our big trip to Europe this summer, and we have written about it in other blog posts before. Since our travel this summer, the totseat has become a staple in our diaper bag, and we keep it with us for any trips out of the house. The totseat is a fabric seat cover that you can use to strap a child onto almost any chair. It is in our top three for several reasons: it fits almost any chair with its design, it is fabric and easily washable, it takes up very little space, and best of all, it keeps our toddler from escaping while we sit to eat! It is really handy for restaurants as well as friends houses when you don’t have a high chair. Considering how much we’ve used it, the totseat is also a quite reasonable in price.

2) CamelBak Kid’s Eddy Water Bottle: After trying countless sippy cups, I finally caved and bought the Camelbak water bottle with my fingers crossed tightly that it would not leak. And almost 8 months later, it still doesn’t leak. This water bottle has been around the world, and dropped in four countries (and thrown by a toddler in four countries too). It still does not leak. It has dents and dings, but otherwise, has survived with no major problems. The valve and straw are easily replaceable, and the cup is very easy to clean. The valve/straw is squishy, very kid friendly, and can be pushed down to close it. D has loved his water bottle and I hope we can continue to use it for a long time. And did I mention my favorite part? IT DOES NOT LEAK!


A two for one picture! The totseat is the brightly colored fabric behind D, and the Camelbak water bottle is right in front of D.

3) KidCo Peapod: Our top travel item is the Kidco Peapod. We have been using the Kidco Peapod for D since he was about 6 months old. We used it on our travel to California, Florida, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, along with countless small trips around the Midwest. We love that it is lightweight, relatively small (it fits in large backpack or in a suitcase), and that it zips closed to keep D in one space. He loves it, and happily goes into it to sleep when he is tired. (In all fairness, D is sometimes excited when we travel, and then is not interested in sleeping, even if we have the Peapod. Oh toddlers). The only down side is that D is rapidly outgrowing the Peapod, and because he is so long, we will be hunting for a new travel sleeping arrangement soon. But oh Peapod, we have loved you, and are so glad we purchased it for our travel.

D sleeping in the peapod.

D sleeping in the peapod.

Do you have any kids travel items you can’t leave home without?


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