My heart longs for travel

After all of our travels in the past year and a few months (California, Orlando, Boston, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Yellowstone National Park), we don’t have a lot of travel on the horizon. We are heading to Minneapolis for a weekend this month to visit friends, and after that… no plans. It’s weird. It’s sad. It makes me feel a little bit like a caged animal. I love to travel and we really value our experiences. I look forward to planning and getting ready for our next trip. So, now that we don’t really have anything on the horizon, I feel a bit lost.


Heading home from our last adventure, a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Between all of our travel in the past few months and my new position at work that has extremely limited vacation time, we have to wait a while before we can do any significant travel again. We plan on doing weekend travel to areas nearby, and who knows, we may be able to travel for a quick trip somewhere in the spring.


Sunset in Santorini, Greece.

As much as I always knew that  travel was important to both Z and I, we really feel the impact of travel on our souls this fall as we reflect on our trips. The moments of watching D meet other people or play with kids. Watching him discover something simple, but incredible in a new place. Seeing ancient ruins that have stood for more than 2000 years. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. It is amazing, and travel is absolutely priceless to us.


D playing in the alleyway with two of our waiters at a restaurant in Istanbul.

So, we are thinking, planning, reflecting, and wondering about travel and it’s role in our future. We hope to find ways to travel more. For now it may be traveling closer to home, but we hope to find ways to continue our travels around the country and around the world. We can feel it in our souls.


Discovering the world through adventure.



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