Planning for Yellowstone National Park

After a year of planning, we are heading to Yellowstone National Park this week. We normally start planning to travel about 6 months before we leave, so this trip is definitely the one we have had the most time to plan for. We had to start planning so far out because if you want to stay in the park, you need to book about a year ahead of time (for us, 14 months prior to our stay). We originally were going to travel with both sets of our parents, but sadly that is changed. Z’s dad passed away in May, and my dad decided he wasn’t up for travel across the country. So, it will be Z, D, my mom (Gemma for the blog), and myself.

We are staying in one of the most recognizable buildings related to the National Parks, the Old Faithful Inn (also why we had to book so early). It is the largest log cabin structure in the US, and is over a hundred years old (and for the international readers, I know, 100 years old isn’t that exciting, but it definitely is here). I have been busy in the past few weeks planning for our trip, and thought I’d write a short drama-filled, tantalizing post about planning for a trip to Yellowstone (Ok, just kidding. Not the most exciting of topics, but hopefully helpful to some).

To start, we used our fabulous book, called ‘Your Guide to the National Parks’, since it is a fabulous resource that we bought, new. That alone should tell you how amazing it is, since we don’t buy hardly anything new. We also got several books from the library, after Z looked up which ones would be the best for guidebooks. Yellowstone Treasures is a fantastic resource, which is probably the most detailed book Ive ever seen related to travel. It outlines the entire park, including lodging, the main road, and hikes (with mile by mile details!). We are bringing that and the trusty Lonely Planet Guide for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons with us when we go. I am a nerd (surprise!!) and I love to read about the places we are seeing before and while we explore and see the sights. I am also glad we have some resources for the hikes.

Two of our books and the moose journal I am using to plan and journal.

We also did some internet research, and found some fantastic and helpful blog posts from the Crazy Family Adventure blog about Yellowstone, including this post about things to do with your family in the park. Very helpful!

We’re also planning on using the Yellowstone National Park- Official Guide app for iPhone. Even though we won’t have any cell service or internet during the trip, our GPS will still work, and we hope it will be useful.

So, we will see if planning pays off. The weather may not be super cooperative, so we are packing for cold and potential rain. We will update you on the excitement and beauty when we return!


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