Tasting Turkey: Intense flavors in a Beautiful Country

We tried so many different foods in Turkey that were some of the most flavorful dishes I’ve ever enjoyed. Overall, we enjoyed most of the food we tried in Turkey, though it was a little more expensive than we like. Without further ado, here are our favorite foods from Turkey!


Our host in Izmir, Turkey, suggested we check out this pide restaurant nearby. He wrote down what we wanted on a scrap of paper to bring to the restaurant- it was that authentic. They spoke no English and did not have anything in English on the menu, hence our need for a written request. A funny side story is that the green “salad” that was served with the pide was not your typical salad. Z took a big bite of the green leaves and found out that they were very spicy and bitter. I safely stayed away from the sneaky leaves. If you can’t tell from the picture, pide is kind of like pizza. It is baked in an oven with whatever toppings you desire. It’s good for a cheap eat in Turkey.


Turkish coffee! I tried the infamous Turkish coffee in a very picturesque place. We went to the top of the Asansor, a large elevator that scales an area of the city where the roads are incredibly steep. There is a nice cafe at the top, and it was a great place to relax and have some strong! and good Turkish coffee.




These pictures were all from a restaurant we ate at in Istanbul. I had my favorite meal in Turkey, a chicken glazed with honey and cardamom, served with almonds, raisins, and rice. Z enjoyed his meal, a meat dish with rice. The absolute best part? It came with free childcare! Ok, not really, but the waiters watched D run around the narrow alleyway the restaurant was on so Z and I could finish our dinner in relative peace. It definitely allowed us to enjoy our food more.


I enjoyed this whole fish dinner in Izmir at an underground restaurant. It’s only the second time I’ve ordered a whole fish in my life, and it was worth all the time I spent meticulously picking out the tiny bones. The fish was tasty and light.



In Cappadocia, we enjoyed a really yummy dinner where we had balloon bread as an appetizer and a stew baked in small clay pots. The balloon bread wasn’t incredible, but it was decent as an appetizer, and the stew was fabulous. It was definitely a cool dinner to experience, and the view of the fairy chimneys was also amazing.

So, some honorable mentions: we enjoyed Turkish tea, especially apple tea at local cafes. We tried rose sorbet, which was like a strongly flavored rose water, and was not very good, but was something unique to try. We found more ketchup chips in Turkey with Ketchup flavored ruffles. D and Z agreed that the Pringles from Greece were better.


Apple tea and hibiscus tea.


Rose sorbet, a really strong rose flavored drink. But it was from the Topkapi Palace, so ooh, fancy.


Ketchup Ruffles!

And finally, we ate at McDonald’s in Izmir for lunch, and on the menu, we saw this:


A Mega Mac burger that had 4 hamburger patties and a double McChickem sandwich. Izmir McDonalds wins at gluttony. (We did not try either of these things, we aren’t that crazy.)

That’s the end of our review of the foods we enjoyed on our trip abroad this summer in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Food is one of the best parts of travel, and we’re glad we had a chance to review it in more detail!


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