Gourmet Greece (Ok, not really, but yummy food!)

Oh Greece. We enjoyed so much delicious food in Greece, it’s hard to recount our favorites. Between the fresh seafood, gyros as cheap eats, and some fun snacks, we ate well in Greece. Without further ado, here are our favorites!


We ate the fried octopus with fava bean puree pictured above as an appetizer at an Egyptian-Greek fusion restaurant nearby our apartment in Athens. It was delicious, and D absolutely loved it.


Gyros at Monastiraki Square!


One of the first meals we enjoyed in Athens was some fabulous gyros at a restaurant right on Monastiraki Square. The meat was delicious, the tzatziki was fresh and tangy, and they were very fast. Another gyro we enjoyed is below. All over Greece gyros were super cheap and generally, really delicious. D always ate the fries, even if he didn’t eat the meat, pita, or veggies. And what toddler doesn’t want to live off of fries? Living the dream.

Roasted rabbit, yum.

Stuffed grape vine leaves in Delphi.

In Delphi, we had some delicious meals as well. Z enjoyed some rabbit with potatoes and we shared a dish of dolmades, a Greek speciality of grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and spices.


Stuffed Zucchini flowers


In Crete, we wandered the old market in the central part of the city until we found a highly reviewed Taverna, and ate some fresh amazing food. We enjoyed zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and meat, and I had a really good noodle meat and cheese dish called Moussaka.


A huge platter of seafood risotto, with mussels, shrimp, and white fish.


One of the most decadent meals we enjoyed on our entire trip was this seafood risotto from Ippokambos, a restaurant in Heraklion, Crete. They had beautiful views of the sea, and the food was amazing and so fresh. It also came with the yummy spaghetti-like (but sweeter and chewier) dessert we also had.


I also loved this squid I had when we were in Santorini. It was stuffed with rice and peppers. And guess which toddler also enjoyed the squid, much to my surprise? Nope, not Z, but D! My one and a half year old ate octopus. (But refused chicken, lamb, and many other meats on our trip.)


D’s ultimate favorite food on our entire trip was ketchup Pringles. D loved those chips so much. He would lick the ketchup flavoring off, then eat the chip. He would also dip them in more ketchup when possible.


We almost missed the joy of loukoumades, which are pancake-like-batter that is deep fried, then covered in cinnamon, honey, and sesame seeds. While spending out last few hours in Santorini, we wandered by a restaurant that specialized in this sweet treat, a Greek specialty. They were amazing, and we were so happy we didn’t miss out.

We have one more post on our food from Turkey, so keep checking back!


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