Fabulous Food from our Foray in Italy

One of the most common questions we get about our trip this summer is “what was your favorite food?” That’s a really hard question to answer, for several reasons. We ate a lot of delicious food this summer, and it depends what we’re talking about; snacks, meals, or cheap eats. So, we decided to split and write a post for each country. Here is our list of our favorite foods we enjoyed this summer in Italy!

One of the yummiest things we ate in our entire trip was also something that surprised us since we ordered it on a whim not expecting much. Cheese fries from Cantina e Cucina in Rome, near the Piazza Novona.


Best cheese fries ever.

Clearly different from the typical American cheese fries, these cheese fries were covered in a fresh white cheese that was similar to feta, and then covered in pepper. They were incredible. And are making my mouth water right now. Writing these posts about food may be more difficult than I thought. We also enjoyed good pasta and a pizza here.


Fabulous restaurant with amazing cheese fries.

I talk about some of the foods we enjoyed in Rome in this post, including this skillet baked lasagna that was the best pasta I had in Italy, and actually, on our trip. Ok, really, probably some of the best pasta I’ve had in my life.


Fresh parmesan, house made noodles and sauce. Delish.

We went to Lago Albano outside of Rome, near the famed Castel Gandolfo (where the pope spends his summers), for a dinner with our AirBnB hosts, and had some amazing food. The buffalo milk mozzarella and yummy fresh pasta were fantastic, and the beautiful scenery didn’t hurt.


Enjoying the pasta, Z was even complimented on his pasta twirling skills by actual Italians. He was very flattered.


D was so impressed with the food that he ate a ton and used a fork.

blog-family pic

Family picture at Lago Albano at our restaurant.

Gelato from Lubrano in Rome. Incredible gelato, that we stumbled on thanks to the Trip Advisor app, and it was only two blocks from our apartment. We ate there three (or was it four?) times in our week in Rome. And we had to restrain ourselves from going more.


So many delicious flavors.


You can see who is the most successful at eating gelato (I just don’t believe in wasting any, not even a drop).

We hope this gives you some ideas on some of the delicious food available in Italy, in and around Rome. We will be posting about our food favorites in Greece and Turkey soon, so we hope you check back, and that your stomachs aren’t growling too loudly by now.


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