Reentry can be Rough

We’ve been back in the US for 10 days, and just spent our third night at home. Our reentry was rough, which we somewhat expected; I had to return to work about 36 hours after we landed, and Z had a family reunion about an hour away from our home in the Wisconsin Dells for a week, so I commuted for work from there back to Madison.

Beautiful Wisconsin River in the Wisconsin Dells.

Z taking a moment to reflect during mini-golf.

We planned that stuff. Well, sort of; a late spring job promotion made it so I had to return to work earlier than we planned, but I knew about it since April. What we didn’t plan was the readjustment to eating American food (I don’t know how we forgot about this since it happened when we returned from Israel both times after being gone for six weeks, but we forgot. And it’s not much fun). We didn’t plan on pretty much everyone getting a short-lived stomach virus in the Wisconsin Dells, which made for a fun family vacay story. I also didn’t plan on readjusting to our lives, but we have definitely had a few moments of, “oh that’s right, we’re back in America now.” Mostly related to the kiddo, who got used to being loved on and given candy by people all day, which really wasn’t all that different in the dells, but he did have to be more resourceful and steal it from other kids.
Anyway, that’s mostly a long excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog in a week.

We started the blog as a way to communicate to family, friends, and other interested parties about our travel this summer. But we have decided to continue the blog now that we’re back, with a focus on affordable family travel and a dash of parenting. So, tips, lists, and funny vignettes as we go. That’s the plan. We’ve heard from many people that they enjoyed reading the blog- and that is awesome. I’m glad we could share our experiences and stories. It’s been fun and we’re going to keep it going with a slightly more helpful focus. We ask that you share the blog on social media or with others if you enjoyed it. We are also on facebook, Twitter (@meanderinmadcap), and Instagram.

We will continue to update the blog a couple of times a week, so we hope you bookmark the webpage, sign up for email, or follow us on social media to get some helpful family travel tips and ideas and find some entertainment too. Thanks for all of the support so far, and we look forward to continuing our journey!


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