6 Mini misadventures 

Along the way, there have been mini adventures, more like misadventures, that haven’t been included in other blog updates. So enjoy these short recollections!

1. When we opened the door to the apartment we are renting in Crete to bring in a breeze and help air dry our laundry, and after a moment saw a large stray dog wander almost into the apartment before walking away. Yup, door closed or open with a barricade after that.

2. When I bought a bag of chips to eat with dinner, thinking they were sour cream and onion (green bag, chips with tiny green flecks) only to discover that they were oregano flavored chips. Yes, they tasted weird.

3. When Z and I were walking down a busy street our first day in Heraklion, and the guy in front of us (who looked very average) turned around and said “Money! Money!” with his hand out, then turned around and kept walking after we shook our heads. We think he heard us speaking English and assumed we had money.

4. When we were taking a bus, and every time the bus assistant yelled out a stop, D would yell after him some random noises to “copy” him. He also loudly fake coughed after someone coughed while we were walking at a site a different time. Funny, and slightly embarrassing.

5. When we were riding the elevator up to our apartment in Athens, and Z burped loudly in the tiny elevator (which made it echo even louder) just as a woman was opening the door to get in the elevator. She took one look and closed the door, and we went up to our floor, trying not to burst out laughing.

6. When D threw two toys off our 5th floor balcony in Athens (more like dropped them between the bars) and Z had to sneak into someone’s yard to save them. Fortunately the gate was open so e didn’t have to hop the fence.

Tomorrow is our last day in Crete, and in Greece, as we have a late night flight to Izmir, Turkey. I’ll update the blog again in a few days!


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