Hola from Heraklion (because the H is silent)

And, we’re back! We have some limited wifi in the bedroom of the Airbnb we’re renting (which is quite nice), so we are at least sort-of back online. We are in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, the southern-most island in Greece, and where the Minoan culture thrived. 

We finished up our time in Santorini with a crazy bus ride packed full of us and French teenagers to a town called Oia in the north part of the island. We ate at a well-reviewed Thai food place that has other Asian food, and it was one of the most disasterous meals we’ve had in a while. Z was disappointed that his sushi didn’t match the menu picture, which had a 10 piece roll, and his came with 4 pieces. My pad thai was delicious, and D thought so too, so he ate a lot. As he was finishing his last bite of noodles, he had trouble swallowing a longer noodle he didn’t chew, and gagged. He then proceeded to throw up his entire meal into my hands, Z’s hands, and his bib. We paid out fairly expensive bill and left. So, if you’re keeping track, we had a cranky Z, a pukey D who now needed to eat again, and an empty wallet. 


Eating Pad Thai with a chopstick, just like momma. Obviously pre-dinner disaster.

We wandered the city in search of the famous white walled, blue domed Byzantine churches, found some, and struggled to get a good picture. 


We can say it looks angelic, right?


At least we got this adorable picture.


Half decent picture. Get it? Since you can only see half the building?

We got D some food at the grocery store, and took the bus back to Fira. We were almost back to the hostel, when Z noticed one of D’s shoes was missing, and we had to walk halfway back to the bus station to find it in the road. At least we knew he had it when we got off the bus.


We saw a large group of donkeys go by when we were hunting for the shoe.

The next day, we packed up and wandered town in search of a bottle of the locally brewed beer, called Yellow Donkey. Successful, we grabbed a bus to the local port, and spent a few hours waiting for our ferry in a crappy restaurant. 

Our moment of panic once we arrived in Heraklion was when we were dropped off by our taxi at the address we gave him, but then realized we were not at the right place. We loaded our bags, ready to haul all of our stuff, as I frantically searched our travel docs and google maps, only to realize we were at the right address, we just need to go to the door next to the garage, which was around a large bush (we were looking for a specific doormat, and thank heavens we found it). 

Today we walked to the old part of the city, wandered the market streets, had a delicious lunch at a tavern in the market (Z had lamb chops, I had pastitsio, we shared zucchini flowers stuffed with rice), and went to the archaeological museum. We bought some groceries and made a fabulous American dinner of hotdogs with chips. Yum. The best moment at dinner was when Z gave D a pringle and told him, “Sorry bud, it’s not ketchup flavored” (see previous post about ketchup-flavored Pringles and D’s delight), when D proceeded to dip his pringle into the ketchup on his plate. And checkmate. 


Standing in front of the large Venetian walls of the older part of the city of Heraklion.


Pastitsio- noodles, ground meat, cheese, some extra love.


Zuchinni flowers stuffed with rice.


A famous fountain we visited. D was more interested in the pigeons bathing in the water.

This week we plan to go to the ancient site of Knossos, hit up the aquarium which is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and go to another museum at the port area. Only 2 more weeks to pack in the adventure, and we’re working on it.


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