Stories from Santorini

We are enjoying the true vacation lifestyle in Santorini, Greece. It’s one of the Greek Islands known as the Cyclades. It’s primary focus is tourism. So, as you can guess, there are a lot of tourists, restaurants, and crazy tourist services (including a pedicure place where you put your feet/lower legs in a fish tank and small fish eat off the dead skin. It’s called “Dr. Fish Spa.”). It’s also absolutely beautiful, as the island was formed by volcanic eruptions and has beautiful views, beaches, and iconic architecture with the white walled buildings with domes in bright blue for the churches.  

A church lot with the warm light of sunset

We are staying in a youth hostel, in our own private room. It’s alright. D really loves the scene, especially by the pool (which is fabulous) where there is music bumping and he can enjoy his new favorite snack- ketchup Pringles. He also enjoys sitting outside our room and waving and saying “Hi!” to everyone that passes. And I almost forgot to mention the puppies. There are 5 puppies at the hostel, and D is in love, well, except with the one who tried to eat him. Otherwise, he’s in love.

Making friends (not the puppy who tried to eat him).

The downside of this place is the lack of reliable internet, and even if it is working, we only have access by the pool. So, this will be our only update from Santorini, but we move on to Crete on Monday night. Oh, and the other downside is the 40 or so young French teenagers (think 14 or so) running around the place, but I guess we will survive.

So far, we explored the main town in the island- Thira (Fira). We saw many shops, enjoyed the gorgeous view and the sunset from the cliffs, and ate some delicious food. I ate the best squid I’ve ever had and Z had some good lamb chops. We checked out the archaeological museum and another museum that were both small, but informative and had some really neat pottery, sculptures, and frescoes.

A gold goat found at Akrotiri.

This is a very old sculpture and very cool shape of the human form.

Beautiful sunset.

For the Asterix and Obelix fans out there (For you dad!)

We enjoyed the hostel pool yesterday- but, it ended in disaster. When I lifted D out of the pool and he started walking to Z, I noticed dark water leaking from his swim diaper. You guessed it- he pooped in his swim diaper. There were no remnants in the pool, so the diaper did a good job, but as soon as he was running on land, we had problems. After a moment of panic, we got him back to our room and hosed him down in the shower. We lived through it. And I cleaned the pool deck. Good times when you are parenting.

The pool, pre-incident.

Today we ventured to the south side of the island to see the archaeological site of a Minoan settlement, Akrotiri. We weren’t sure how exciting it would be, but we decided to check it out and we were so glad we did! Not only was it a pretty cool site, but it was also covered and had a wooden walkway that went around and through certain parts, which meant D could walk a lot of it himself. We enjoyed our time at the site, then walked to one of the infamous beaches on Santorini, the red beach. It was a walk not for the faint of heart though- we walked along a small rocky path along the edge of the cliffs to get down to the dark red/black sand beach. It was cool to see, and D had a blast playing in the sand at the edge of the serf with a little boy who had a lot of sand toys and was very sweet to share with D.

Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan site.

Selfie with the red beach behind me.

There it is, ans all of those colored dots are beach unbtellas and chairs.

Hiking the path to the red beach.

We relaxed this evening and enjoyed a pizza by the pool at the hostel, and will likely do an easy day tomorrow with a visit to the town of Oia, a little north of where we are, and a swim in the pool, hopefully without the explosive ending.


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