3 down, 3 to go

We are officially halfway through our trip. We have been traveling for three weeks, and have three weeks until we fly home. We’ve been to four cities in two countries, and we have four more cities and one more country in our itinerary. We’ve experienced a transportation strike, a major national vote, an internationally reported banking crisis, countless delicious meals, and several amazing archaeological sites and museums. Crazy to think we still have three more weeks of travel ahead of us. Tomorrow is a long day of travel- a three hour bus ride back to Athens, crossing Athens to get to the airport, then a short flight to Santorini. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Today we visited the a Sanctuary of Apollo, the main ruins here in Delphi. They were incredibly beautiful, and built along the cliff side. Which means a lot of stairs. And silly me, I thought I was getting better at stairs thanks to Naples. Oh no. We climbed way up the mountain to the stadium, where the Pythian games were held (think slightly smaller Olympics in ancient times.) 


From near the top, but not quite. And way down there is the road.


Joy, a look of joy. No, wait, thats irritated exhaustion with a touch of awe.


Treasury of the Athenians.


There it is folks, the belly button of the world. The globe is an outie (like D!).



The stadium at the top of the world, at least thats how it felt.

The site was unique and quite large, and has a lot that has been reconstructed or still stands. Z enjoyed it and was disappointed that D and I were done before we could go explore a neaby ancient gymnasium and other, smaller ruin site.


Gymnasium and other site, sorry, but that’s as close as we’re getting.

Since we’re halfway, I thought I’d write a little more about traveling with a toddler. D seemed to know that I was thinking about him as a post topic, because this morning he swallowed a one euro cent (a little smaller than an American dime, though not as thin) to start the day off with a bang and an email to his doctor. (Who said he should be fine, keep an eye on him.) It doesn’t seem to have impacted his ability to seek out trouble and adventure, he found plenty today as usual.


No fear.

So far on the trip, D has done pretty well. When you consider how much were asking him to do, it’s pretty fantastic that he does as well as he does. Sometimes he sleeps well in his Peapod tent, unless he doesn’t, and then it’s miserable. Sometimes he eats whatever we are eating, sometimes he eats only French fries. He likes to smile and interact with people, and in general, people have been very happy to play with, talk to, and interact with him. 

But. But it’s also been tough. When D doesn’t sleep, it’s been hard, but fortunately we can usually change our day to fit in a family nap time. D has to be carried most places because as much as he loves to walk and run around, he doesn’t stay with us or enjoy holding one of our hands to walk. He likes to yell, which can be embarrassing. He still likes to taste a lot of rocks, which is funny, for a half second, until it’s not. Once we put him down for the night, we are in for the night. He requires quite a few accoutrement even to go get dinner. During travel, there is no alone time. No work to escape to, no late night Target runs, no errands or time in the car by myself. 100% togetherness, all the time. That by itself can be pretty exhausting. I remember traveling B.D. (Before D) and enjoying an audiobook with Z on our long bus rides between cities. Those days are gone.


The water fountains are very fun.


We decided to keep the pirate baby look.


Trying to climb the play table in the museum’s “baby room” aka, zone for screaming toddlers.

But. But, we do get to travel and see these new countries and places  through his eyes. He loves to climb and then make noises at the beautiful sights he can see. He loves playing in the ocean. He allows us to meet many people, and here in Greece, everyone either knows someone who has his name, or is someone who has his name. It makes for good conversation starters. 

I don’t know that we will do as big as a trip as this one again. But I do know that we will keep traveling. It is important to us to see the world. And I want D to value travel too. 

Ok, back to the kid who had been crying on and off as I try to write this blog post. And out to buy more milk at 10pm. 

The family that travels together, sees beautiful things while cranky together.


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