Dazzling Delphi

We survived our three hour bus trip, D actually did pretty well. It was definitely worth it- Delphi is beautiful. It is in the mountains, and is perched along the edge, so many hotels, restaurants, etc overlook the beautiful valley. It’s a small town mostly devoted to tourism related to the Delphi archaeological site and museum.

The view from the restaurant where wr ate dinner last night. Beautiful.

A nice place to stop and enjoy bakery pastries before we walk to the Delphi museum.

Since I planned extra time in Delphi, we are taking it slow, and visited just the museum today. It was a really nice small museum, and D was much more cooperative, so we really got to enjoy looking at the artifacts. D does like to “give tours” in some of the museums, which means he babbles and talks loudly while pointing at things. It’s pretty funny, and embarrassing. He played tour guide for a little while today.

A really awesome sphinx found at the site.

A sarcophagus with griffins on it.

D’s favorite part of the museum, the ramp.

We spent time this afternoon walking around the town, looking at the little shops. Dinner last night and tonight were fabulous, we are definitely enjoying traditional Greek food.

Souvlaki kebab in a pita.

Vine leaf wrapped rolls of meat and rice, with greek salad in the background.

Tomorrow we plan to hike all over the Sanctuary of Apollo, and some of the surrounding ruins. It should be great.

Time for a few random mini-adventures!

For our last meal in Athens, we had a sandwich on our balcony at the apartment after we finished repacking our stuff. A small bird decided to join us and ate crumbs off the balcony for quite a while. So what? It was eating right under and in between our feet. Then, as we cleaned up afterwards, I saw the bird on the edge of the balcony. I had told Z that I wasn’t convinced it could fly well, since it hadn’t flown away from us. Well, I turned away to grab a plate and turned back to see D by the edge of the balcony where the bird had been. No bird, and D was looking straight down. So I guess we will hope the bird flew away and didn’t fall 5 stories.

Right under my feet.

D trying to share some of his chocolate cookie with the bird.

There are quite a few vacant buildings in Delphi. This one though, an empty hotel on the cliff side, is impressive and creepy. There is still bottles of liquor in the empty bar that can be seen from one window.

Defunct hotel in Delphi.

And finally, I saw this shirt at a shop in Delphi, and I thought it summed up our time here so far.

Taking the shirt’s advice: Check!


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