Et tu, brute?

Today we visited the Roman forum, the colosseum, the palatine, and the Roman baths of Caracalla. It was a busy and brutally hot day. We enjoyed seeing the immense ancient structures and marvelled at what life was like in ancient times. 

The Ancient Roman Coliseum


Though there were a lot of people, there was more space to spread out and enjoy the site compared to the Vatican. It was huge, so we wandered around for a few hours before we headed to a nearby Roman baths complex, which is the second largest and one of the most complete Roman baths in the world. Z was a classical archaeology major in college, and enjoyed seeing the sites he studied. Z also took a class on Roman baths in college, and was very excited to see the baths and tell me a lot about how the baths worked. D was also excited to hear the info.

Mosaic floor of one of the bath rooms.

Posing outside of the baths.

Other interesting things: Rome has 5000 public water fountains that are constantly flowing, and are a god send on hot days so you can refill your water bottle every 5 minutes, like I did.

Delicious water.

D has also figured out public transportation, as you can see.

Learning how to safely travel.

We enjoyed a low key late lunch and dinner after a nap, and then the real problems began. We bought an Italian board game on Saturday, called Rush & Bash. It’s a Mario Kart board game essentially. After much time translating the rules, Z and I tried it out tonight.

Rush & Bash board

To put it simply, Z beat me soundly by first hitting my car, and then blowing me up. Even though I got back in the game, I never stood a chance. He stabbed his poor wife in the back. Hence the post title, and fitting, since we are in Rome. We are excited to play this with friends when we get home.


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