Bongiorno a Roma!

Alright, we made it to Rome! Our travel was… Let’s not talk about it. Kidding. Actually, it went well. My two goals for our travel were: 1) Make it safely to Rome and 2) No lost luggage, so goals achieved! It was a long day(s)- thanks weird time travel and a 5 hour layover- but we made it to the apartment we are staying in for the week. 

D (our one and a half year old, for those of you following along) was actually pretty good on the plane rides, and a guy moved so we had an extra seat on our long flight from Chicago to Rome. Thank you travel angels and someone please buy that man a large thank you present. After D  almost threw himself off the extra seat while sleeping numerous times (my kid never stops moving, even in his sleep), we finally got smart and put him on a blanket on the floor in front of the seat to sleep. It worked wonders. I may have even gotten an hour or two of sleep myself.

In Istanbul, we wandered the airport for quite a while since we had time to spare. At the Starbucks, D attracted attention from 3 of the employees who played with him, talked to him, and gave him candy. For quite a while. Z and I debated whether or not it was free child care, but we decided not to run off to the bar just in case. We used a luggage cart (think small grocery cart) as a makeshift stroller for the airport, and it worked well. We flew to Rome, and after a very overpriced cab ride, made it to the apartment. Which-surprise!- was on the 6th floor of a building, just what you want to see after a long day and at 1:30am. We summited the stairs and collapsed.

Today we explored transportation strikes in Italy, and how they compare to ones in Peru. Really, we walked all over the place so we could see the Trevi Fountain (under restoration construction, but still cool), and the Spanish Steps.

Z carrying D through Rome

Z carrying D through Rome

The Trevi Fountain (under restoration)

The Trevi Fountain (under restoration)

Standing in front of the Spanish Steps

Standing in front of the Spanish Steps

As much fun as we had today (I ripped my shirt on a stone wall, my international phone plan is not working, and the transportation passes we bought weren’t very helpful and will expire in the morning), I know we learned a lot about getting around and my Italian is improving (I now have 3 words down). Cross your fingers that the transportation strike is resolved so that we don’t give up on seeing Rome or lose our feet in the process.

Tomorrows plan is the zoo, the Natural History Museum, and a game store. Maybe. If we don’t have to walk everywhere and can take a train.

*And a shoutout to SCOTUS, seeing my facebook feed blowup with rainbows was an amazing thing as I sat down this evening. Marriage equality for all!


3 responses to “Bongiorno a Roma!

  1. Sounds like you guys are really having an adventure! Have the best time. We’ll be following your travels in the blog.

    PS: I’m interested to hear how the game store compares to US game stores.

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  2. Hope you guys are having fun! Too bad your trip wasn’t a few months out- we could’ve had dinner together in Rome. We are heading there in September 🙂

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