Traveling Abroad with a Toddler… You Must be Crazy!

When I tell people I am going to Europe for six weeks this summer with my husband and our son, who is one and a half years old, I generally get one of two responses: “You must be crazy!” or “That is awesome!” with a look in the person’s eyes that really tells me that person thinks I am crazy.

So, why are we choosing to travel with a toddler for such a long period of time?

First, some details about our trip. We will be going to three countries (Italy, Greece, and Turkey) and eight cities (Rome, Naples, Athens, Delphi, Santorini (Thira), Crete (Heraklion), Izmir, and Istanbul). We will be visiting many classical sites, eating different foods, living in apartments in these cities, visiting museums, and attempting to speak the languages. This is an adventure.

Z and I love to travel and we travel abroad when we can. It is one of the things I value most. I believe that traveling changes my perspective, expands my knowledge and understanding, gives me amazing stories to tell, and makes me a better person. I want those things for my son. I know he won’t remember this trip. He won’t be able to share stories or memories.

But, he will try many new things. He will meet new people. He will adjust to many new environments. We are setting the precedent for our family. Travel is important. Flexibility is important. Problem-solving is important (Arguably, the only important skill when there is a bus strike and you are stranded in a city with lodging reservations in another city, but that is a story for another time).

We hope to travel more in the future. Right now is a good time to go. D (our son) is still young enough that he mostly travels for free. I have the time off of work. The Euro is at a great exchange rate with the dollar. So we’re going. For six weeks. With a toddler. And it will be crazy. And it will be hard. And it will be memorable. And it will be wonderful.

So we hope you will join us on the adventure by reading the blog. Share our insanity with your friends, it will give you something to talk about when you feel your kids are crazy. Because you know, you could be spending six weeks abroad with a toddler.

Exploring Sequoia National Park with D at 7 months old.

Exploring Sequoia National Park with D at 7 months old.


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