Of meandering and madcaps

It only took 11 months, but I have started a blog. “Start a blog” is what I wrote on a flat green piece of paper as a personal goal at the beginning of the school year in September during a professional development meeting. And then, I threw it away in disgust in May when I got my personal goal note sent through office mail as a reminder of the great things I wanted to accomplish this year.

Now that our big summer adventure to Europe looms with less than two weeks until our departure, Z and I decided that a blog would be the best way to communicate our adventures (and more than likely, our numerous misadventures) during our travels. So here we are. Only about a year after I first started playing with the idea of writing a blog. Sometimes it takes a while to get ideas to the right place before they can become action.

The name: arguably, the most important part of a blog. Especially if you want to be serious about blogging.

Meandering: adjective, to proceed by or take a winding or indirect course

Madcap: noun, an eccentric person

(Both definitions are from dictionary.reference.com). Even the start of this blog was an indirect course, and if you know me or my family, we have moved and traveled as I have tried to find the best career fit. We continue to wander and travel when we can. I’m still not entirely sure of our path, and it definitely feels winding at times. As for madcap? Who doesn’t enjoy some eccentricity?

goofy pic


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